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Resindast srl
Resin flooring systems for coating and protection of industrial, commercial, and residential flooring.


For over 20 years we are leader in sale, supply and installation of industrial resin flooring. Technological development and top quality materials, are the key features that have allowed us to grow and become a leading company for the installation of resin flooring in industrial, commercial, and residential areas.

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Resindast was founded in 1994 by Dario Bellometti, after his twenty years of experience in the field of resin flooring.
Passion and technical expertise, shared with collaborators and employees, have enabled Resindast to become in few years a leading company in the sector of resin flooring, operating in a wide range of industrial areas.

Resindast has been constantly growing, thanks to the synergy between technical-directional experience, professionalism of workers, and use of appropriate resin systems. Every step of Resindast’s development has been characterised by the pursue of both quality and satisfaction of customer needs. Resindast, indeed, over the years has managed to develop a company model that optimizes the executive processes of every resin cycle, training properly and continuously its employees, and using high quality raw materials.

Even now, research and testing of new materials are part of our daily business.

Resindast owns all the equipment necessary for every step of the installation process, and can rely on teams of experienced technicians, therefore even the fundamental step of surface preparation is managed and carried out independently.
Our technical and commercial department actively participates in the business development, assisting customers with solutions for any problem related with resin flooring and resin flooring installation process.

Ever since Resindast has been founded, the main office is in San Paolo d’Argon, in the province of Bergamo. This location allows Resindast to extend its operations throughout northern Italy, being able to effectively serve the needs of small and large companies located in the fastest-growing area of the Country.

Moreover, the adaptability and the flexibility of our internal organization, as well as our construction site management skills and operational autonomy, allow Resindast to satisfy more and more often many requests in the European territory.
Since several years, Resindast researches and develops specific solutions in the civil sector for both commercial and residential purposes. The successes scored with our researches, and the flattering awards received by professionals and customers, led to the organisation of a dedicated department.

In 2005 Resindast presented “Horm-ing Resin Art Design™” addressed to the market segment of decorative resin flooring, characterised by peculiar features and needs.
As the motto of the division says, Horm-ing is exclusively dedicated to the execution of resin coatings that can “define the style of a living space”, considering the floor as a key element of this operation of expressive research.

To this department has been assigned highly qualified staff, together with an intensification of research and development of new materials and more artistic resin systems.
To date, Horm-ing Resin Art Design™ is one of the few highly specialized institution able to fully develop new resin systems, and to give life to ideas with a unique and inimitable style.